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Director: Pedro A. Segura

Pedro A. Segura

Pedro Alejandro Segura is professor of analytical chemistry and Director of the Segura Environmental and Analytical Chemistry laboratory at the Department of Chemistry of Université de Sherbrooke.

While significant advances have been made to protect and preserve the environment in the last 50 years, new concerns have arisen as well. Today there are approximately 30000 organic compounds produced in quantities > 1 t/year. Because of their high production volume and physicochemical properties, many of these compounds may end up in terrestrial and aquatic environments. In addition to synthetic compounds, biogenic substances such as cyanotoxins and mycotoxins also pose substantial threats to humans and biota.

Since his graduate studies, Segura worked in the develpment of new methods of identification and quantification of trace organic contaminants, especially in environmental waters (surface water, wastewater). The research focus of his group is the development and application of novel strategies for the study of EOCs in the environment. More specifically, Segura's research group aims to study the occurrence, fate and toxicity of pharmaceuticals, cyanotoxins and plastic additives in environmental waters and soils. This research program will contribute to determine what contaminants are more concerning and where industry and government decision makers should concentrate their efforts in order to mitigate and control contamination.


(2011-2013) NSERC Post-doctoral fellow with Viviane Yargeau, McGill University, Canada

(2009-2011) NSERC Visiting post-doctoral fellow with Christian Gagnon, Environment Canada, Canada

(2004-2009) Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Université de Montréal, Canada

(2001-2004) Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Université de Montréal, Canada

Publications (2007-2015)

16 peer-reviewed articles, 22 abstracts

H-index : 10, 344 citations since 2007, according to Google Scholar