Former members




Former Position

Charlotte Guy 2018 Studies of the stability of trace organic contaminants in lake waters Intern (from U. de Rennes 1, France)
Charlotte Guy      
Mathieu Vasseur 2018 Improvement of a method of prediction of retention time of trace organic contaminants using ACD/Chromgenius Intern (from U. d'Artois, France)
Mathieu Vasseur      
Kevin Russell 2018 Developpment of method of extraction of trace organic contaminants by pressurized liquid extraction End of B.Sc. project
Kevin Russell      
Myriam Perrot 2017 Studies the degradation of pharmeceuticals by wet-air oxidation End of B.Sc. project
Myriam Perrot      
Annie-Claude Drouin 2017 Évaluation of recovery of trace organic contaminants by solid-phase extraction End of B.Sc. project
Annie-Claude Drouin      
Anne-Marie Grégoire 2017-2018 Estimation of retention time of trace organic contamiannts / Analysis of anthyocianins in wine End of B.Sc. project / B. Sc. intern
Anne-Marie Grégoire      
Félix Hardy



Transformation products of organic contaminants generated by fungal treatment


B. Sc. intern

(co-supervised by H. Cabana)

Félix Hardy      
Fanny Chevillot 2017 Surface phenomena in LDTD-APCI-MS/MS M. Sc. intern
Fanny Chevillot      
Alexia Gravel



Validation of a non-target method of identification of organic contaminants in surface waters

B. Sc. intern

(co-supervised by L. Gaudreau)

Alexia Gravel      
Mathieu Racine 2015-2017 Suspect screening of organic contaminants in surface waters using a non target method M. Sc. (co-supervised by J.-P. Bellenger)
Mathieu Racine
2015-2017 Genomic studies of the effect of pesticides on cellular mechanisms M. Sc. (supervised by L. Gaudreau, UdeS)
Myriam Fauteux      
MA-Lecours 2014-2016 Studies on the electrochemical methods capable of imitating the metabolism of living organisms M. Sc. (co-supervised by G. Brissard, UdeS)
Marc-André Lecours      
Sanaz Safa


Towards water recovery from used water generated by the semiconductor industry Postdoctoral fellow
Sanaz Safa      
Marie Texier Summer 2016 Study of the degradation of UV filters by electrochemistry-mass spectrometry Intern (from U. de Rennes 1, France)
Marie Texier      
Diane Rawach Winter 2016 Analysis of soil samples from an old mining site by GC-MS Intern (B. Sc. student)
Diane Rawach      
Delphine Canion Winter 2016 Application of electrochemistry-mass spectrometry for the identification of degradation products of UV filters End of B.Sc. project
Delphine Canion      
Philippe Venne 2014-2015 Quantification of ecdysteroids and
retinoic acids in Daphnia magna by iquid chromatography-quadrupole mass spectrometry
M. Sc. (co-supervised by V. Yargeau, McGill)
Philippe Venne      
Mélissa Gaudefroy Fall 2015 Purification of electrolysis
solutions by preparative liquid chromatography
Mélissa Gaudefroy      
Audrey Mélissa Benoit Fall 2015 Quantification of methyl
farnesoate by GC-MS
End of B.Sc. project
Audrey Mélissa Benoit      
Joey Isabelle Fall 2015 Quantification of stigmasterol and
betasitosterol in switchgrass by GC-MS
End of B.Sc. project
Joey Isabelle      
Patrice Bélanger Fall 2015 Prediction of the retention time of
emerging contaminants using molecular descriptors
End of B.Sc. project
Patrice Bélanger      
Xavier Bellerose Fall 2015 Study of key parameters in
post-column hydrogen-deuterium exchange
End of B.Sc. project
Xavier Bellerose      
Laurie Fréchette-Viens Fall 2015 Studies on the complexation of the tropyium cation with organic compounds End of B.Sc. project
Laurie Fréchette-Viens      
Carlos Alberto Da Silva   Analysis of ballpont pigments by matrix-assisted laser desorption-ionisation quadrupole-time-of-flight mass spectrometry Intern
Carlos Alberto Da Silva      
Marilou Ponty

Summer 2015

Analysis of a submetabolome of Daphnia magna afer exposure to organic contaminants Intern (from ENSC-Rennes, France)
Marilou Ponty      
Mathieu LeLoc'h Winter 2015 Identification of plant metabolites by differential analysis of high
resolution mass spectrometry chromatograms and metal isotopes
Intern (from UBO, France)
Mathieu LeLoc'h      
Jade Marinho Winter 2015 Separation of ballpen pigments by paper chromatography Intern (from UEPB, Brazil)
Jade Marinho      
Gorethy Sanon-Davis Winter 2015 Development of a liquid chromatography-UV detection and fraction collection method for purification of secondary plant metabolites Intern (from U. Sherbrooke)
Gorethy Sanon-Devis      
Mathieu Gagnon Summer 2014 Extraction and detection of lipids in mice brain and liver tissues Intern (from U. Sherbrooke)
Mathieu Gagnon      

Summer 2014

Studies on the identification of transformation products of emerging contaminants Summer Intern (from ENSC-Rennes, France)
Alexandra Clair      
Etienne Doucet Fall 2014 Identification of transformation products of levofloxacin by high resolution mass spectrometry End of B.Sc. project